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Representation 972 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Emma Hopper

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: The Wharf development puts pressure on infrastructure in Rowhedge already - increasing traffic, noise, lack of parking, capacity of nursery, school , surgery are stretched to the limit. Quality of life for current residents would be impacted negatively by further developments.
Rowhedge functions as recreational area for Colchester and surrounding places. Village character would be lost completely by further developments. Current building noise and traffic due to Wharf development are already impacting on residents' quality of life. Please reject proposal.

Original submission

I feel that Rowhedge is currently already struggling with increasing traffic, noise, and lack of parking facilities. It is difficult to find parking around the local shops, water front, school, or the GP surgery. This will increase even more, once the Wharf development is finished. I am already very concerned about the GP surgery being overstretched and the service level dropping due to the increase in the number of residents. I am also concerned about the capacity of the local nursery and school.
It will be very challenging to integrate the Wharf development into the village, and I feel that Rowhedge has fulfilled its duty to provide additional housing by doing so. Any further housing development would destroy the village, and the quality of live for current residents would suffer immensely. We are already putting up with increased traffic due to the building work and building noise which impacts on daily life. Once this immense upheaval has settled down, Rowhedge needs time to settle back to normality.
Rowhedge is also a place of recreation for many people in the surrounding area. They come to Rowhedge to get "out of Colchester" and experience some of the traditional Essex Village of times gone by, and the opportunity to walk along the Roman River Foot Path all the way to the Fingringhoe Nature Reserve. Colchester, in my view, needs to protect these areas in close vicinity, which offer many a welcome escape on a weekend and have recreational benefits. It is vital, in my view, that this land (Battleswick Farm area) should not be set aside for development. I would like to urge you to reject the proposal.

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