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Representation 97 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Barbara Chaplin

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge
Representation: "Sustainable " is to " keep from falling apart or failing" (dictionary speak) quite the opposite of how further development would impact on the village.
The use of "unreasonable" in describing the impact on local services and facilities is very subjective and should never be used in an Official document without specific qualification

Original submission

The preferred options local plan for Rowhedge says "....Rowhedge is considered a sustainable settlement in the sense that it has a number of key services available to residents".. This dispassionate statement infers that further proposed development would be borne easily by the village, despite the already enormous development over the past 5 years and on-going, which has already severely stretched these "key services".

If sustainable means .".. to keep from falling apart or failing" (dictionary speak) then the preferred local plan is very misguided.
The residents would argue that further development would PROMOTE Rowhedge's "FALLING APART" in NOT being able to provide adequate "key services" through lack of adequate infrastructures that would be needed to accommodate increased numbers........ certainly NOT sustain! Rowhedge's current excellent quality of life would be undermined forever.
Therefore the Plan's statement "..... without causing.......an unreasonable impact on local services and facilities..." needs serious revision.
"Unreasonable" is a very subjective word and I would contest it's valid use in any Official document.

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