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Representation 966 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Daniel Widdowson

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: Extensive new housing development already in flight in the near vicinity at Mile End, so this proposal for additional housing, depleting the rural views, is unnecessary.

Original submission

I fundamentally object with the proposal to develop land in Great Horkesley for residential purposes. Land has been reserved for more than a thousand houses less than a mile to the south in Mile End. Why do we need provision for more houses on this side of Colchester? This extensive development is already encroaching on the green space between village and city. This proposal would further erode the rural character of our village. Transport links into the city are already congested.

As a Governor at Bishop William Ward primary school I can also tell you that the school is at capacity with no sensible or affordable way to expand. It is already the case that because of the linear sprawl of the village families living in GH do not get places for their children in the school. By building further houses at the end of Coach Road this will further disadvantage existing families. I have seen the results of the forecast which suggests vacancies at the school by 2019/20 but would cast serious doubt on the validity of this. The recent new residential developments on Tile House Lane and Braeburn Road attract mainly families and there is regular turnover of housing stock here. This in conjunction with the school's improving reputation will continue to fuel the school intake for many years to come.

Finally I would comment that there are no amenities to speak of in Great Horkesley other than a Post Office. These proposals do not provide any appealing solution. The new village hall is a welcome recent addition but is already adequate for the village needs (there is no benefit in extending this nor re-developing the old village hall). A scout hut and allotment would benefit a tiny minority in the village.

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