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Representation 918 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Peter Inson

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Flawed consultation. Overloaded sewers. Need for rapid evacuation with Bradwell problems. Overloaded roads. Inadequate water pressure. Continuing expansion of caravan sites. Homes for younger generation not a concern. School full. Surgery full. Undermining of Mersea's essential rural character.
Proposed number of dwellings already exceeded.

Original submission

1. The flawed nature of the borough's consultation which most people were unaware of. When WMTC organised a meeting so that residents could voice their opinions planning officers declined to attend.
2. The overloaded sewage system.
3. Doubts about the ability to evacuate the island in the case of a nuclear incident at Bradwell.
4. The overloaded road system: a cul-de-sac from the Peldon Rose, and the inability of Dawes Lane to cope with what would be a substantial increase in traffic.
5. Mains water pressure which is already below the 1bar required and Anglian Water says that nothing can be done about it.
6. Continuing efforts to expand the caravan sites which effectively add to the island's population and put pressure on amenities.
7. The failure of the borough to police the occupation of caravan sites, much discussed at this meeting and at meetings of East Mersea Parish Council, raises doubts about the borough's willingness and capacity to police the proposed housing developments. It was claimed at the meeting that the Well House development is much larger than the original proposals indicated.
8. At the meeting attended by a tenth of West Mersea's population, few people indicated that they were concerned that their children should be able to find affordable housing on the island. Provision for the younger generation is not a valid justification for this proposal.
9. Mersea's school is full. Further accommodation could only be built on the playing field.
10. Mersea's doctor's surgery is overfull and it has had to reject excess numbers of patients while in Colchester there are 14 GP vacancies.
11. Further development will further undermine Mersea's ability to provide leisure facilities for visitors and will threaten the essential rural nature of the island.
12. There are indications from HMRC records to the effect that the number of dwellings in West Mersea already exceeds the number that the Borough claims will be established here should the proposed housing development go ahead.

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