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Representation 915 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Margaret Ede

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: West Mersea does not have the infra structure to support more housing and examples are parking, roads and Medical Practice.
Mersea is not easily accessible to the railway, main roads, Hospital etc. making it a bad place to put more housing.

Original submission

I object to the idea that West Mersea can cope with 350 extra dwellings and the extra people this would involve when the infra structure barley copes with the existing population.
Parking can be a big problem and you need to bear in mind that it is not just the people living in West Mersea who want to park but also those from East Mersea, the caravan sites ( some have been given 52 week occupancy by Colchester Council), day visitors and people from the outlying villages such as Peldon and Wigborough who come to Mersea for the Doctor, Post Office Shops etc.
There is only one road on and off Mersea which is busy already and when there are high tides the wait to get across can be very long. In recent years there have been a number of people stranded in their cars trying to beat the tide and with increased numbers this can only get worse.
If we accept the effects of global warming the problem with tides will only get worse and if there was a need to evacuate the Island it could easily result in loss of life if you permit the population to increase further. As well as needing to evacuate for reasons of flooding the possibility of a nuclear power station at Bradwell needs to be considered.
The Medical Practice has a problem with the existing number of patients as shown by the fact that 90 patients have recently been told to find another Doctor.
Mersea is a bad place to provide more housing as it is badly placed for access to things like the Railway, A12 road,Secondary Schools and the Hospital. This means a lot of extra car mileage will be involved which could be avoided if any extra housing was put in a more suitable location especially if use of public transport was easy. Mersea will always suffer from a poor bus service when tides are high. Extra car travel is hardly something any responsible Council should encourage if it values it's green credentials.
West Mersea has had a lot of development already in the past and I maintain the limit has now been reached although no doubt you will continue to allow planning permission for 'in fill'
West Mersea is still a nice place to live but if you are not careful you will start the process of making it like other less desirable places such as Canvey Island.

Margaret Ede

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