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Representation 911 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Susan Eyers

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: One road, therefore increased traffic on roads that are already congested.
Emergency cover when the Island is cut off by the tide and difficulty for emergency vehicles to access the Island with increased queues at high tide.
Doctors surgery over capacity and have already turned away patients who have been registered for years.
School at full capacity, as are many schools in the Colchester area.
Inadequate drainage along East Road and frequent flooding.
Increased population due to extensions on caravan contracts to 10-12 months.
Inability to safely evacuate the Island in an emergency.
Mersea Island will become just another place and will not be unique.
No police provision.

Original submission

With only one road on/off the Island there will be a considerable increase in the amount of traffic. Even now the queue when the tide covers the road can extend a significant distance so with increased traffic would create additional problems getting to the Island, particularly for emergency vehicles. Previous developments have not been completed as per plan and I fear that the properties would not be in keeping with the surrounding area. Doctors surgery already turning away patients that have been registered for years to reduce the area covered as they are over capacity. School already full and other schools in Colchester are full. Frequent flooding on East Road following any rainfall as drainage system inadequate and poorly maintained. Not enough supermarket provision on the Island now, particularly during the summer when there is a huge influx of tourists. Several caravan sites now allow 10-12 month contracts so there has already been an increase in population and no additional services to accommodate this. When tide covers the Strood there is an additional fire crew from elsewhere on the Island but with increased population emergency cover would need to be increased. In the event of an evacuation it would not be possible to safely remove all people from the Island. This will be particularly relevant if the new nuclear power station at Bradwell goes ahead. The community at this time is close and this will diminish with increasing population. It will no longer be unique but will be just another town. There is no police provision on the Island and I fear there will be a significant increase in he level of crime and no support for victims, especially when the tide is covering and police cannot get to the Island.

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