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Representation 908 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Cassell Johnson

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: To surmise Mersea's population is already at its peak. For the reasons listed above it would be unsafe to build so many new homes on the island.

Original submission

I object for the following reasons...
1.) Water and sewerage systems will not be able to cope.
2.) More pollution into the Blackwater estuary causing damage to the oyster and fishing industries.
3.) Medical services including the doctors and dentists won't be able to cope with the population increase.
4.) School places at the local primary are already limited and no secondary school service is available on the island.
5.) Access on and off the island across the stood especially during high tides will become more difficult. There is only one access road.
6.) Population is already above what the census indicates because of permanent residences with in caravan parks across the island.
7.) Already existing problem of access to the island for emergency services which are not present on the island currently.
8.) Close proximity of proposed sight to Bradwell power station and nuclear waste storage location.

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