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Representation 907 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Julie Hitchcock

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Marks Tey, SS13: Marks Tey
Representation: I strongly object, not to new housing but to the lack of effective project planning and community engagement.

Original submission

I am a Colchester resident and would very strongly be against the plans for development of land marked as 'West Tey' without sufficient infrastructure being in place prior to commencement of the development.

i can not understand how Braintree District Council can refuse 'sites of interest' based on infrastructure plans not being agreed on the A12/A120 expansion but Colchester do not have the same concerns. How can it be morally right to plan up to 28,000 houses without plans for Schools, Surgery's, roads, public transport and local jobs.

It is well documented on the issues of the A12 and A120 as well as over subscription to the local primary and secondary schools but I feel that the council are turning a blind eye to these issues for monetary gain from the government.

Whilst I recognise that housing is needed I strongly feel that you are looking at the local plan bottom to top but without fully exploring the top issues. . I have never known a project succeed when managed this way and I do not see this 'plan' being any different. Or maybe you just do not care about our area and its future.

I am fully aware that other options for development have been submitted to you but again, you seem to ignore these.

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