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Representation 903 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Rachel Gozzett

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Bigger Doctors surgery, we have no Police station, school is too small, Supermarkets and carparks cannot cope with parking now. Population doubles in the summer, If you provide payment parking everyone just parks on the side roads in front of houses. One road on and off which floods at high spring tides. Any emergency service on the Island is run by volunteers.
PARKING!. Most of the people living in these new houses will not be employed on the Island they will go off the Island for employment.

Original submission

The infrastructure of Mersea Island woukd seriously struggle with this amount of increase in population.
Current Doctors surgery already not big enough and had no parking.
Primary School already not big enough and has no parking facilities to drop off or collect children surounding roads are the only parking spaces and become very crammed up at that time.
Parking anywhere on the Island is etremely limited for amenities.
As we are a holiday desitnation the population doubles in the summer which stretches all amenities too the very limit especially parking, refuse etc. We only have one road on and off the Island which on spring tides cannot be crossed as water is covering the road.
Mersea Island is a fabulous place for families to live and children to grow up but to have this amount of houses built with the new population that will live in them we desperatley will need everything else to grow.
Also these developments like Well house we already have,provide families with very little parking, play areas, they are all crammed in so close together.

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