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Representation 858 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr David Grover

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: No facilities, inadequate roads and paths.
overcrowded school.
Most of us moved to the village for a quite village life to enjoy the greenery, less noise and light pollution and the right to enjoy our later years in peace.

Original submission

As a resident of Bracken Way, we already have major problems with access to the School and parking issues.

35 new homes will only aggravate the problem and also if more home are built in other areas aswell such as Mersea, Peldon and Layer the problem will get worse as the School is already full to capacity as is Mersea School.

We have no amenities such as shop, public house, Doctors or Dentists and our post office is due to close this week and the bus service is few and far between. The time table seems to change weekly without notice.

Another problem is speeding vehicles on Peldon Rd and access into and out of these sites, we already have difficulty in these areas taking your life in your hands every time you try to get out onto Peldon Rd.
Plus we have inadequate footpaths on all our local roads. What about safer roads for schools?
There is also a question about the safety of our wide and varied wildlife.

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