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Representation 857 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Miss Francine Gilman

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: I object on the grounds of the impact on wildlife, pressure on infrastructure and expansion has been seen elsewhere making this planning application redundant and pointless. Above all, it would ruin Abberton and the peaceful place that it is.

Original submission

I want to object to all three sites, the borleys, pantiles farm and Ashcroft site, Glebe lane. The area has lots of different species of wildlife and provides a wildlife corridor from layer to great wigborough and further afield, as well as the importance of the areas for the wildlife living at the reservoir. There would be too much pressure on local infrastructure and services. This would be applicable for schools, dentists, doctors, roads etc which will not be upgraded or improved. The area does not need any more houses as expansion is evident elsewhere, for example stanway. They would ruin the quiet, calm and small village which Abberton is by making it into a sprawling housing development.

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