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Representation 818 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Susan Allen-Shepherd

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Tiptree, SS15: Tiptree
Representation: Comments of Page 74 and 75 of the Tiptree settlement review.

Original submission

Page 74 on - many of the sites are not labelled on the map, which makes it a bit difficult to follow. Site TIP03 is rated overall as green despite the comments about the orchids and access via Pennsylvania Lane on page 75. Sites TIP08 and TIP09 (green / amber) are not labelled on the Site Assessment map.

Top of page 75 Site TIP27 is given green status and suggests it will add 12 houses, which seems somewhat inconsistent with green status as it is small, but the plot on the map looks fairly large and using the size given in the site assessment proportionately to other sites it would seem more like 50 houses. Sites TIP21 and 25 are not labelled on the Site Assessment map.

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