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Representation 785 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Colin Ainslie

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: 1/Planning population assumptions are understated by 10% to 20%.
2/Current infrastructure is struggling to cope
3/Guarantees needed from CBC on major infrastructure investment.
4/People having to travel off the Island for Work,Education and Health significantly increasing carbon footprint/emissions.
5/Dawes Lane will need replacing with wide safe road.and junctions at each end.

Original submission

I wish to object to CBC's plan to build 350 houses at West Mersea.
Relevant issues:-
1/The CBC Local plan is fundamentally flawed as it doesn't take into account the thousands of people now living full time in caravans following CBC's decision to allow 12 month occupancy.This has lead to the Island infrastructure (school,doctors,dentist,parking,traffic management,sewers and all emergency services) struggling to cope.In terms of planning assumptions the current population estimate is too low by between 10% and 20%.
2/Linked to point 1 above, any additional housing development must include prerequisite investment in infrastructure.Is CBC willing to give a guarantee that this investment will be made or when the folly of the development is exposed Mersea will be left to muddle through in an unplanned fashion..
3/Assuming CBC make the necessary major investment in infrastructure (which will probably make the development economically less attractive than alternatives) there still remains the issue of no jobs on Mersea and no senior school.People will have to travel to Colchester for work and education resulting in extra use of cars and buses and the relevant increase in the Island's carbon footprint.
4/CBC's plans state that access to Dawes Lane will be from East Road.This can only occur if several existing houses are demolished.Is that CBC's intention or is there a mistake in the plan and it should have read Dawes Lane.
5/Both the Dawes Lane and Brierley developmemt will require the use of Dawes Lane for access onto East Road.Dawes Lane is a narrow country Lane with dangerous junctions at both ends.I assume CBC will ensure a new, wide safe road will be included in the development.

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