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Representation 77 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Graham Capon

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Rep 1- Dawes Lane Please see last paragraph above
I object to these proposed sites because of the reasons I have laid out above
* Safety - 2 miles from Nuclear site
* Current population living on residential holiday parks/ caravan sites not taken into account .
* Infastructure - roads , schools ,
* Green belt countryside
* Brierley Hall Paddocks was not on the original Local plan - Call for sites 2015 - so was not deemed a suitable site.

I look forward to your response.

Regards , Graham Capon

Original submission

I am objecting to both new developments at Brierley Hall and Dawes Lane due to the following main issues
1/ Safety reasons - Only 2 miles from the planned new Nuclear Power Station with no infrastructure in place for any necessary evacuation .
2/ The thousands of people living 12 months of the year on the caravan / holiday parks that are not included in the population / housing figures but have caused over subscription for the local Primary School , doctors surgery , dentists, and other local amenities , hence all the parking issues, volume of traffic etc.
3/ infrastructure - Dawes Lane would be the main access to both these sites - this is a very narrow , bumpy country lane in a very poor state of repair- almost so narrow that it is virtually a single track road as its so difficult to pass on with dangerousness blind junctions at both ends of it. Also there is no pedestrian pavement along its entire length apart at the East road end where there are dwellings but of course cars parked here on the junction with East road - which in turn makes it even more dangerous to negotiate.
4/ The proposed sites are beautiful Green Belt . Which should never be proposed for new developments .
5/ Brierley Hall paddocks land was not one of the 9 sites on the " Local Plan - call for sites".

In conclusion I believe Mersea Island is now already at saturation point and although on paper the figures may tell another story but in reality because on the reasons mentioned above this is the actual situation today. The evidence is already the primary school is turning Mersea children away and telling them to go to Abberton . With very poor public transport ,just the odd bus to Colchester only- no trains, poor roads, no cycle ways etc, these developments if allowed would mean another 800 or so cars on our roads .

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