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Representation 761 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Anne Wilkinson

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester, Land north of Achnacone Drive Braiswick
Representation: Loss of the only green space in Braiswick
Unsustainable - CO2 emissions
Oversubscribed school already
No doctor surgery West Bergholt surgery will not cope with extra patient.
Road unsuitable for extra traffic and heavy vehicles.

Original submission

We refer to the above matter and wish to place on record our objection to the inclusion in the Borough Council's Local Development Plan of the Land to the North of Achnacone Drive. Apparently it is proposed to allow up to thirty houses to be built on this land with access via Achnacone Drive. Evidently the Local Plan would also allow for other development within the immediate neighbourhood.

We take the view that the proposed development of the land north of Achnacone Drive along with the others in Braiswick is contrary to the plan's core objectives namely "to direct new development to locations which are supported by transport, community facilities and green spaces and preserve and enhance the borough's existing natural heritage".

It should be remembered that there are already existing planning commitments to build on land adjacent to the Golf Club such as the Chesterwell Development. We understand that 1600 houses are proposed - planning number 121272 Plus there is the Severalls' Development.

All this development together makes in our view any further development of land in Braiswick unsustainable. We say this for the following reasons:-

1. The Bergholt Road is one of the busiest roads in Colchester and there are constant traffic queues, (on occasions the queue has been from Achnacone Drive to the Station!)
2. Traffic around the station is constantly gridlocked and further development on top of the already agreed developments mentioned above will only serve to worsen the situation.
3. Today the majority of homes are two car families and the increase in traffic will surely increase the CO2 emissions thus further damaging the environment We say this as there has been the recent very extensive development at Tufnell Way which included a new school namely Braiswick Academy. Further there is continuing house building in West Bergholt which again adds to the traffic problems along the Bergholt Road when trying to get to the Station or Colchester Town. All this development and proposed development must surely increase the CO2 emissions for all properties and particularly for those as you get nearer to the station.
4. Braiswick has no parks or local amenities and by allowing housing on the land north of Achnacone Drive you will be removing one of the last pieces of accessible green spaces in Braiswick. Although this piece of land is privately owned it has a public right of way across it. This public right of way is used by any people in the area every day. Of course the right of way will have to be maintained even if the houses are built but it will become merely an alleyway at the back of the houses. Walking alongside alleyways is never pleasant. The development will deprive many people of their enjoyment of the open green spaces.
5. There is only one school in Braiswick (namely the earlier mentioned Braiswick Academy) and that is oversubscribed, as is the school at West Bergholt. It is, of course, the Government's vision that parents are able to send children to the schools of their choice. Any further development will only increase the number of parents who are unable to get their children into the school of their choice.
6. There is no Doctor's Surgery in Braiswick. The nearest one being in West Bergholt which is already very busy. Again any new housing development will have an impact on the service provided by the Doctors - at the moment it is not unusual to wait fourteen days for an appointment.
7. Should any Planning Permission be granted for the development of the land to the north of Achnacone Drive which includes access to it through the road known as Achnacone Drive then this would, in our view, potentially "blight" the existing home in Achnacone Drive for sale purposes. The road is simply not suitably built to take further traffic for any new housing development nor for coping with the heavy construction traffic that will be needed when constructions takes place. We residents would suffer considerable upheaval. We repeat no development should take place, but if it does then access to it must be by some route other than through Achnacone Drive itself

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