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Representation 751 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Jennifer Potter

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: School up to capacity
Doctors up to capacity
Sewers up to capacity
Roads above capacity already
No parking places
One road on and off the Island, which floods with
safety aspects in an emergency.
Food shops up to capacity, regually selling out of vital supplies.

Original submission

The island doctors and schools are stretched to capacity already,to get a doctors appointment is nigh on impossible as they are in huge demand, even more so when the holiday makers come to Mersea. Also the supermarkets / outlets are unable to cope fully with demand at the present time with out extra housing / people to cater for. The roads are inadequate for this type of developement too, at present all roads are stretched to their limit, even more so during the holiday period when parking is virtually impossible leaving the public to park in unsafe places or even parking on private drives. A recent motor vehicle collision on the main road into West Mersea caused total gridlock when the only other route was overloaded with traffic trying to get on and off the island. This highlighted to everyone including the police how impossible it would be in the event of an emergency to cope with the volume of traffic... this gridlock was due to increase of traffic on the roads proposed for developments. East Road and Dawes Lane. The sewerage system is already up to capacity already. A develpment of these proportions would make life on our island unbearable.
If we have to have any type of developement on our island we would prefer it to be scaled down and some affordable / social housing for residence / families to be able to remain on the island and not to be built for overspill from the towns and cities. This is a village and we would preferit to stay a village and not a small town.

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