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Representation 748 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Tim Hayes

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge
Representation: NO to light pollution
NO to noise pollution
NO to destruction of wildlife
NO to more traffic
NO to LESS resources ie, Doctors/School places
NO to demise of village life.

Original submission

I would like to firmly object to the proposed build of any more houses (estates) in Rowhedge due to light and noise pollution and the Spoiling of this once Pettit little village by the money grabbers of the so called housing industry. Rowhedge is on the fringe of Colchester thus putting more traffic through an already congested road way to get here. 60 homes would just be the start as we know would it not stop there as it would be a year on year drip feed until they get what they want. So what if we are called NIMBY who else is going to fight for us, I for one would like Rowhedge to stay as a Village at any cost as that's why we all love living here in the first place.

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