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Representation 739 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Philip and Angela Cass

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: The environmental, historic integrity and infrastructure issues make this development untenable.
Hundreds more vehicle journeys will be added at peak hours, flooding for Hillview Close will be worsened and privacy will be compromised, Rowhedge will lose its separate nature and identity as a village community.
The farm site will lose the historic integrity it has maintained for 800 years and either housing or trees and hedgerows will have to be destroyed to provide new access.
The already overwhelmed surgery and full primary school will not be able to cope with the influx from the wharf development let alone this additional burden.

Original submission

Environmental impacts: the brook already floods into back gardens, adding 60 new houses will worsen this situation for Hillview Close as excess water will be run off into the brook rather than soak away.
The addition of new houses will funnel even more traffic into Old Heath Road when the wharf development will be adding hundreds more vehicle journeys onto that already busy road. This traffic will not be spread evenly through the day but squeezed into school and work commuting hours.
Building the access road to the site must either involve demolition of at least one house or the destruction of the old trees and hedgerow on the current track.
Village heritage and integrity impacts: development would destroy the historical integrity of a site that has been farmed for 800 years.
Development will also erode and ultimately destroy the separate nature of Rowhedge as a village community - this development will not mark the end of development at the farm only a staging post to the subsuming of an outlying village into the urban sprawl of the town.
If current plans go ahead it will be possible to walk almost the length of the borough from Rowhedge to Coggeshall without any break in housing, losing the separateness and identities that shape communities.
Rowhedge is not 'anti-development' but the constant use of any land in the village for infill and the, in relative terms, massive wharf development will mean the village is already set to grow by 40% without the provision of any additional facilities.
Privacy will be an issue for Hillview Close residents who will find their houses not only overlooked but actually looked into by any development on this site.
Infrastructure impacts: the surgery is overwhelmed now, adding these houses to the hundreds on the wharf development will only exacerbate the problem of local health provision.
The primary school is full and does not have the space or resources to build on its current site, adding this development to the wharf development will only exacerbate the problem of educational provision and/or add to road congestion as children are transported to schools away from their new community.

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