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Representation 73 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Miss Clare Rowland

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Chappel and Wakes Colne, SS4: Chappel Housing Sites
Representation: 1) Major parking issues in Swan Grove will be compounded by the proposed single access. Already only 6 spaces per 8 houses so cul-de-sac used for parking all the time. This should be discussed and solutions presented to the residents.
2)Development is proposing nearly 50% increase on existing 68 dwellings in Chappel - a huge impact on noise levels in the area. Extreme disruption to existing residents, particularly with proposed single access.
3)Local services hugely affected and access to village not suitable for pedestrians at the moment let alone with 30 additional dwellings.

Original submission

1)The main concern with a development here would be the issue of single access via Swan Grove. The existing development consists of clusters of 8 houses - with only 6 parking spaces at the end of each set of 8 houses. Therefore you already have issues with parking as with each household having at least one car, the cul de sac is used for parking every day. The road has already been discussed by the local council for the issues that already exist with parking and taking away the space at the end of the road will cause major parking issues for the existing residents.
2) Currently an extremely quiet and small estate in a rural village, adding 30 new dwellings (nearly 50% to the existing 68 dwellings in Chappel) is a huge development for the area. Noise pollution will be big issue throughout development, not to mention the extreme disruption to Swan Grove whilst creating an access road (again - parking issues during this time will be a major concern) Once complete, the development would significantly increase the traffic in the local area - affecting both noise and pollution levels.
3) The current village amenities are very small - a local shop and small school. An additional 30 dwellings will have a significant impact on resources of this size, potentially to the detriment of current residents i.e. if 30 families move in, would all children in the existing village get a place at the school, if their current intake is only 15 students? In addition, access to the village amenities from the existing Swan Grove road is already via road with no pedestrian footpath - this cannot be safe already, let alone for an additional 30 houses worth of residents.

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