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Representation 728 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mr martin blackmore

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Traffic Congestion on access road to Island
Potential New power station at Bradwell, evacuation.
Insufficient infrastructure
Sewage impact
Sports and recreational facilities.

Original submission

Traffic impact of an additional 350 homes, potentially 1000 vehicles, in a village with a single access road that will not be upgraded. This will cause congestion at the East / West Mersea junction on the stood. With the possibility of a new nuclear power station at Bradwell, a development of this size would have a large impact on any evacuation policy.
Insufficient infrastructure to support the population of this development. The School, surgery and waste recycling centre in Upland road are currently at maximum capacity.
Sewage impact of an additional 10% increase in the population of Mersea.
Woeful Sport facilities on Mersea.

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