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Representation 699 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Gordon Walker

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Our infrastructure cannot cope with this development. The Doctors surgery cannot cope now. Our roads cannot cope and the police definitely can't. Just for once as our elected Council LISTEN to what the whole of Mersea is saying, DO NOT BUILD THIS.

Original submission

Mersea Island has a single road for access, which is impassable at times due to tides. It has one primary school that cannot cope with a sudden influx of so many people. It has one doctor's surgery that takes days/ weeks to get an appointment now! How do you expect it to cope with such a huge influx of people? The roads around the areas that you are proposing will not support a vast increase in traffic. To get around the Island is ok in winter but with the large influx of tourists that we welcome in the summer, movement is very restricted around Mill Lane and East road at present with the influx of new residents it will be impossible! The car parks that we have at the "supermarkets" cannot cope with the volume of customers now.. Going by the huge problems that you created in the Wellhouse development, sending problem families into a small community and devaluing houses that other poor people had actually bought, how will our non existent police force cope?, especially if the tide is in. We do not have the infrastructure required to support such a major building plan and whilst the pockets of a few won't get beautifully lined, possibly for once you should listen to people that live here and whose community you, their Council are trying to destroy

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