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Representation 673 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mr jordan day

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: The proposal for housing numbers on the Mersea requires scaling back and should be a fraction of the currently proposed 350.

Original submission

Mersea cannot cope with the volume of additional housing being proposed in the local plan. Current infrastructure is already stretched with vast numbers of tourists visiting the island all year round. The planning obligations/contributions that the development will provide will be not be adequate to upgrade the infrastructure to cope with the additional swell in the village population. Mersea already has one of the largest primary schools in Essex! With many local residents having to consider private schools off the island due to concerns that resources at Mersea school are already over stretched.
I would suggest that the level of housing proposed for the island is significantly scaled back from the current suggestion of 350. This level of growth on Mersea is not appropriate or sustainable.

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