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Representation 667 on Preferred Options Local Plan by MR SHAUNE WORRALL

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester, Land At St Botolph's Farm Braiswick
Representation: OBJECTION :

1. The nature and position of the site and evidence of subsidence make this site inappropriate for the proposed large scale development.
2. 50 properties is overdevelopment.
3. Likelihood of serious accidents accessing the Bergholt road from the site.
4. Removal of important animal and tree species from the site.
5. Loss of amenity by way of loss of privacy to neighbouring properties.
6. Light pollution in a natural night-time area.

Original submission

I object to the proposed development on multiple grounds:

1. The subsidence prone, steeply sloping position of the site is unsuitable to the large scale development proposed. Subsidence is currently evident in the main Bergholt road outside the proposed site and in the adjacent walls to Braiswick chase. Both have been subject to regular repair without permanent success. As a result properties will also be problematic to insure.

2. 50 properties is overdevelopment of the site.

3. Run-off of water from the increased surface area of the buildings and concreting over of the fields for the site has the potential for flooding on site and lower down the hill.

4. There is a resulting loss of amenity by way of loss of privacy and outlook by the proposed development of this site.

5. The development of the site will create significant light pollution in an area of natural night-time amenity.

6. You are looking at over 100 cars requiring access to the Bergholt road at a point where other vehicles are accelerating and/or already speeding. This will very soon create an accident blackspot. The large number of commercial vehicles using the road makes this especially concerning. Any additional road access along this stretch is unsustainable and dangerous.

7. This is an area of outstanding woodland and meadow habitat which requires protection. There are tree species 100's of years old and may be important and rare. Extensive ecology surveys and satisfactory provisions for protecting the natural habitat must be undertaken before consents are given.

8. There are deer, owls, bats and badgers living here which will be decimated by development of the site.

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