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Representation 614 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Martin Heathcote

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: A brief summary would be the lack of visible and precise plans to improve and expand the wider infrastructure in what is already an increasingly congested island. The summer months, and indeed good weather weekends in the winter, already create considerable congestion and no-go areas for locals along the sea front and Coast Rd in particular and this is clearly going to worsen the overall balance.

Original submission

My objections to these substantial and totally unwelcome developments are as follows
1) No mention is made of the need to expand school facilities. This is clearly essential.
2) The one road on and off the island is increasingly congested with the existing housing and tourism. The addition off 400+ cars can only accelerate this deterioration
3) The local doctors surgery already offers sub-standard service and therefore an additional 800+ residents can only serve to make this substantially worse. I can see no definitive planning as part of this application.
4) What are the precise plans for enhancing water treatment. The statements are vague and imprecise lacking any specific detail or timescales.
5) What enhancements are planned for the junction of East Rd and the main B1025? This is already a bottleneck and this can only serve to make it worse potentially creating a new accident blackspot..
6) What enhancements are planned for the junction at the end of the Strood crossing where the road splits east/west. This will inevitable become a new congestion point and is already something of an accident blackspot.
7) What enhancements are planned for Dawes Lane, East Road and Chapmans lane as these will become increasingly congested. Parking on East Rd already creates a problem and in common with my other comments the increase in cars will clearly make this worse.
8) How does this reconcile with the plans to severely restrict the use of the amenity site in Upland Rd commencing 1st Nov. This is clearly a joint step in the exact wrong direction.
9) What plans exist to increase parking in the village/shopping area to cope with the increased demand for access to facilities such as the Post Office, bank, library and community centre.
10) As mains water pressure on the island has always been low what are the plans to improve this to at least balance the increased demand and better still actually improve the current situation.
11) Are there plans to create and park and ride scheme to relieve the pressure on parking in particular due to tourism. If this is done this would go some way to balance the increase in traffic due to these developments.If this is not done the conflict that already exists between the vast majority of residents and visitors will surely increase.

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