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Representation 606 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mr simon liston

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17b: Coast Road
Representation: Already stretched with existing population and holiday makers.
Traffic already oppressive.
Hardly any local jobs available.

Original submission

An extremely poor location to build 350 houses.

Mersea is already feeling the strain with the existing number of residents and holidaymakers.

There are no main industries or big employers looking for new staff.

Parking is extremely difficult, services such as doctors, school etc. are already under pressure - we have no full time local police representation on the island.

In the 20+ years I have lived here the character of the island has become less of a community - building 350 more houses will only make things worse.

There's only a single road onto the island - you only have to see the huge pile up of vehicles when the tide is in to see just how many people are already on this small island.

There are SURELY mainland areas that could accommodate the houses.

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