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Representation 552 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Amanda Georgeson

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley
Representation: The biggest issue being the A134 traffic volume and speeds with dangerous driving being witnessed on a daily basis.
There is a serious lack of capacity to serve the village as it stands, with traffic often gridlocked in the morning to get to the station. Let alone with the impact of Chesterwell yet to be felt.

Original submission

Before any significant further development of Great Horkesley can be considered, there needs to be a number of issues addressed, namely:

- public transport which at present is sub standard provision with nothing after early evening or on Sundays
- general facilities (schools, Drs, shops etc)
- traffic issues - the A134 is already too busy and congested, and dangerous in the rush hour and at weekends. The speed limit is not adhered to and there are many instances of extremely dangerous driving which prevent residents on the A134 from entering and exiting their properties safely
- there is no safe footpath through the village meaning residents generally drive, even to see a neighbour 2 doors away!

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