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Representation 537 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Anthony Pett

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Mersea cannot be considered a suitable location for sustainable development without suitable infrastructure being provided which must include permanent access, improved road infrastructure, a secondary school, Leisure Centre, Primary and pre-school capacity, waste / Sewerage water processing & increased health provision.

Original submission

Mersea Island is served by a single access road that is frequently cut off by tides mean that emergency access to community and the ability to evacuate the community is seriously compromised.

The single access road from Colchester is not of a suitable standard for the level of traffic that already uses it without adding circa 700 further vehicles to the community,

Mersea does not have a secondary school so further increases in the population means additional traffic to take senior school children to and from school.

Mersea island doctors and other health facilities are unable to cope with the volume of patients already so further adding to this is not a sustainable option.

Mersea has not leisure centre so people will have to travel (e.g. Swimming).

Mersea has limited and often dangerous foot path provision meaning in may parts of the parish of West Mersea pedestrians are forced to take to the roadway (e.g. Mill Road, Firs Road, High Street).

Fooding of the causeway also causes, routinely, the emergency services to be called to attend stranded vehicles.

The main road to Colchester is narrow and winding making it dangerous to cycle to Colchester, there are limited safe over taking places adding to the dangers. There is not footpath for most of the length of the B1025.

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