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Representation 536 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Nancy Shephard

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Extra pressure on the Island Infrastructure.
Personal situation as surrounded by fields on each side.
School situation

Original submission

Ref Proposed Development at Brierley Close surrounding Farthings Chase.

Dear Sir My Husband and I have lived in our bungalow since it was built sixteen years ago. We agree with all that has been written regarding the pressure that will be placed on doctors, health services, roads the school etc. No doubt all these issues will be discussed at the Public Meeting

On a personal level this will affect the three properties in Farthings Chase more than most as Seaview Avenue houses back onto the field and have trees at the bottom of their garden. Ours is a Private Road and our bungalow has a short front garden one tree and open ranch fencing. At the back we have left an open lawn with no bushes or trees and once again open ranch fencing. If the development goes ahead it would necessitate having a high wall built back and front as children would use our road as a shortcut to catch the school bus at the top of Seaview Avenue.

In effect the three bungalows would be shunted into a corner of the field. We would appreciate someone in authority come and have a look to verify this statement.
Mr Brown (No 3) has asked me to speak on his behalf (we are No 2) Unhappily Mrs Cluscas (No1) died recently and the property is empty at the moment.

I have contacted the three councillors and written to Mr Bernard Jenkins and very much hope they can bring some pressure to bear on reversing the proposed decision to built more houses on the Island.

At the moment with the school holidays the Island is heaving with visitors. It is necessary to weave in and out of parked cars. This is the same over much of the Island.

Even if each house only had one child (very unlikely) that would mean another 300 children at the local school. Our two Great Grandchildren attend and in the case of the eldest there was such a large intake in her year she has to be in a class with other children a year older. Where would the extra children be housed? There is not room to build extra classrooms without sacrificing existing space.

We will be attending the local meeting and will flow the proceedings with interest.

Nancy and Owen Shephard
2 Farthings Chase
West Mersea
01206 384773

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