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Representation 511 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Miss Jodie Yardley

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: The current ammenities are not sufficient enough to cater for 1000 more people.

The increase of population means more crime, litter and pollution for an already over crowded place.

The natural beauty of the area should be preserved, increasing housing would damage wildlife, and ruin the natural appeal of the island.

Original submission

My objection to the proposed developments are based on current levels of facilities provided on the island and the protection of an area of natural beauty.

Firstly the islands current facilities including the doctors surgery, small shops and grocery stores and parking facilities do not in my opinion provide a vast enough service to warrant another 1000 people using them.

There are only 2 main grocery outlets on the island which both are overcrowded and under stocked particularly during the summer months when there are more tourist visiting the island.

The doctors surgery is practically impossible to get an appointment due to the overcrowding on the island which puts pressure on doctors who cannot always give their time to the most priority cases, this also increases pressure on the local pharmacies which offer basically no parking.

Parking is a major issue on the island with people having to park down avenues or across from people's driveways causing interpersonal issues. Increasing the number of cars and visitors to the island will not only cause more of these issues but could also drive current house values down.

Secondly I feel that the natural peace and beauty of the island is increasingly disrupted every year by the floods of holiday makers who visit the caravan sites, this proposal includes the potential for extension of these sites

The quality of life of the current occupants of the island should be prioritised to ensure that the current standard and beauty of the island can be upheld. increasing the population of the island would potentially increase the pressure on not only the local ammenities but would also in my opinion create more issues regarding litter, crime and pollution.

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