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Representation 50 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Robert Fletcher

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Fordham, SS8: Fordham
Representation: Due to the increase in traffic through the village that this would create and at present the lack of speed control's in place to reduce current speeding of cars, van & lorries that use this main road
Therefore increasing the risks of accidents for people and my grandchildren crossing the main road at Moat Rd Moatfields to visit the local park. And not to forget the increase in traffic noise currently very loud at rush hour times morning & evening especially when vehicles are traveling over the speed limit of 30 mph.
Robert Fletcher

Original submission

I am currently in contact with our local Parish and have raised the issue of speeding and safety along Moat Road and passing Moatfields where live. Since moving to this lovely village I have been very disappointed with the amount of cars, vans and lorries speeding along this stretch of the main road and the noise which they cause when they are doing more than 30 mph. As mentioned I am trying to get some form of speed restrictions installed to prevent this and as I have 3 grandchildren who love to visit the local park it is very worrying that as we have to cross the main road twice to get there that one day is a accident waiting to happen. And therefore this risk can only increase the chances of this happening as with 20 new house and approx 2 cars per family would mean a further 40 vehicles using this stretch of the main road.
I would only support this development if speed control's were installed as part of the development and that these speed restrictions & controls where also installed to control the speed of traffic through the whole of the village which should be 30 mph and not what currently is the norm.

Yours Sincerely
Robert Fletcher

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