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Representation 5 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Susan Allen

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge
Representation: There are plans to build 260 new homes on the Wharf development, not 170.... the information in this proposal is inaccurate. A 38%+ increase in homes, population and vehicles will devastate our village .... we do not have the health or education services, not the parking or roadways to manage such an increase. This proposal is unsustainable within the constraints of Rowhedge boundaries and facilities. There is no room for these services to expand within the current village boundaries.

Original submission

Item 6.186 fails to include an additional 85 new homes on the 2nd phase of the Wharf Development .... add these to the 175 already under construction and the 60 in this proposal and there will be 345 new homes imposed on a village with services equipped to cope with 900 homes... over a 38% increase .... apply this, as a very conservative figure to the number of adults and children needing to join our GP surgery, the no of children needing to attend our primary school and pre-school and the no of vehicles using the roads in and out of Rowhedge and you realise that this is not a 'sustainable' option and stated in item 6.187 and is not the 'reasonable impact' implicated in item 6.189, in fact it will cause a devastating impact on the current peaceful and cohesive community in the village of Rowhedge.... it goes against any suggestion of this Govt and Borough Council considering citizens general well-being. It is worth nothing that this proposal fails to mention the recent spate of back-yard newbuilds in Rowhedge (3 that I can think of) nor the likelihood of a 3rd phase of development on the Wharf and the difficulties we are already experiencing with flooding from run-off and poor drainage in a riverside village with many local springs and brooks.

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