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Representation 475 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Miss G Bryant

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: GP surgery inadequate for amount of new homes proposed. Strain on water, gas and electricity supplies.
Inadequate car parking for housing proposed.
No/poor infrastructure. Not enough school places.Impact on residents, resources.Island cannot cope with that amount of homes being built. Island is a beautiful place and the proposed development will not fit in current builds. Impact on local green fields/area.

Smaller limit on the number of new homes. Mersea is a lovely place to live and should not end up like Colchester cramming buildings into every green space.

Original submission

Recently in the last 2-3 weeks an accident occurred whereby all traffic onto and off the island had to be diverted by the Police via Dawes Lane. As i understand it that is the proposed development site. The road simply could not cope with all the traffic that was passed its way. There is no infrastructure in place for that amount of extra traffic on to and off the island.

Unfortunately the current GP surgery is over prescribed and it now has started to de-reister patients who have not attended the surgery in the last 3 years. How could a GP surgery cope with the influx of people from an additional 350 homes.

Parking will be another issue. Housing will not provide appropriate car parking. New builds simply dont allow parking for 2 cars as a minimum. This is evidenced by the Saltings Crescent development where cars have no where to park other than in the road causing terrible problems for motorists around that area.

The stress and strain on water, electricity, gas etc has not been taken into proper account.

Mersea Island school will be over prescribed (as it already is).

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