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Representation 46 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Cliff Jones

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: 1. There will be far too much additional traffic in School Road.
2. The only viable way of building 115 houses in School Road is via 2 small estates. This totally out of character to the rest of the village.
3. For reasons of economic viability these developments are likely to be finished over a short period which would massively increase the population of the village over a very short period of time without opportunity to assimilate the new villagers and thus change the character of the village.

Original submission

1. I believe the number of new dwellings is not "proportional" to the overall new housing requirements for the borough when compared with the number of dwellings in the local area.
2. Re SP5 Place Shaping Policies, I do not believe that the proposed development of two estates does "Protect the amenity of existing residents" Langham essentially comprises of strip development all fronting the road i.e. not estates. The only effective way of building 65 and 50 houses on the two sites in School Road is via an estate. The introduction of estates completely changes the character of the village.
3. SP6 states that "future growth will be planned to ensure settlements maintain the distinctive character....." Again the proposal to introduce estates is contra to this statement,
4. In reference to the Wick Road development it is stated that "the type of housing to be compatible with surrounding developments" This also needs to apply to the School Road development, i.e. not small estates.
5. School Road is already congested, especially at school opening and closing times. This often results in vehicles having to mount pavements and road verges to get past the stationery vehicles. It also has significant movement of heavy traffic to and from the Whitnells factory site.
6. 115 dwellings will result in at least 230 vehicles plus visitors. This is a massive increase in traffic on a road that has a school, significant traffic flows to/ from the community centre, is on the bus route and visitors from outside the village going to the pub. This is bound to result in road traffic accidents.
7. SG8 discussed the benefit of "developer contributions". The desire of the Borough to secure these monies almost certainly points to these developments being completed over a short period both for the economic viability to the developer and the potential economic benefit to the borough. This will result in very large increase in the population of a small village over a short period thus not allowing for adequate assimilation into the existing community and potential unrest i.e. too much too quickly.

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