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Representation 432 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mr henry kerr

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester
Representation: call for sites evaluation.

Original submission

My wife and I submitted details of land off Bakers Lane for consideration as a site for future residential development in the proposed Local Plan 2017/2030 i.e site No.249 in the call for sites list. I note the site has not been included in the proposed list of preferred options but I suspect this decision may have been affected by incorrect information. Your Preferred site map for north of Colchester shows the land adjacent to our sites eastern boundary as undeveloped and outside the Colchester Settlement Boundary. In fact the site has been developed in recent years by Essex County Council and is occupied by a large 2 storey 400 pupil primary school, a pre school building and extensive associated school infrastructure. The existence of the schools results in the site we nominated being almost completely surrounded by development. As it would appear the existence of schools was not considered when evaluating our site submissions we must request that a new evaluation is carried out. after a new a new evaluation if it still excluded from the preferred options list we would wish to be informed of the reasons.

yours faithfully

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