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Representation 408 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Sandra Howard

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Strongly object for pressure on facilities and parking issues

Original submission

The proposal to permit an additional 350 homes is completely unrealistic and I wish to make the strongest objection. The facilities on the island are already overstretched, has any investigation been made into the capacity of school and sewage. The parking situation is already diabolical on the Island. Those residents at the end of thenIsland where Imleave will mostly have to use a car to get to the centre and it is impossible usually to find a spot, particularly as all places such as the MICA, maybe rightly so, prevent parking other than by users.mthe small car park behind the library is completely inadequate esp on a Sat. Also when holiday makers are on the Island. Parking is also nearly impossible at times at the Co- Op & Tescos. The proposed new housing is all at a distance from the centre and will therefore only aggravate the situation.there is hardly any parking at the waterfront and local roads get clogged up.
I don't know how the bus manages now it has an extended route on Sumd, locals sediments on FB have complained.mthere are many other issues such as the limited entry on to the island via the Strood which is flooded at high tide . As stated I strongly oppose these unrealistic pllans

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