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Representation 405 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Angie Davis

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: The people who live on Mersea know of the day to day problems that this proposed development will cause. Overcrowding at Doctors Dentist and School and the already stretched Colchester Hospital. Parking is already a problem as is the condition of many roads. The existing community spirit is in danger of being lost. There is no police prescence on the island nor a fire service I doubt that these will be reinstated. The amount of traffic at the strood at high tide will increase adding to people's frustration, thus causing silly behaviour, please reconsider and listen to us.

Original submission

The proposed development at West Mersea is of great concern to me due to the following. The facilities on Mersea at the moment are stretched to full capacity. The doctors and dentists, the school and the many shops are full to capacity for the majority of the year. We have to remember that the population of Mersea expands during the summer months due to holiday makers and caravan owners. At these times car parking is totally inadequate and we have inconsiderate parking taking place in restricted area's causing in many case a dangerous situation. We now don't have a police presence nor a fire station adding to the concern of many local people, add another approx 1000 people and these concerns are greater. The traffic that gathers at the Strood when the tide is high already is causing long tail backs and people's frustration at having to queue is causing problems when those who know better attempt to cross the stood and break down. Then we call the lifeboats, sometimes the air ambulance and total chaos ensues. The roads on the island are in a terrible state of disrepair and more cars will only add to the wear. The chaos in East road is just unthinkable if these houses are built. Most houses today have at least two cars often three of four,where will this extra traffic get access to the proposed sites, there is no room for mini roundabout'son the present roads and no room for new roads.

These are my practical reasons for not allowing this proposed development, my personal reasons are that I feel the warmth and friendly community spirit (which is well know allover the UK) will disapeare, this is one reason a lot of people visit Mersea and we must have our visitors because they add to the economy of the island. We know that people need houses to live in but this proposal is not the answer. Please reconsider this proposal and listen to the people of Mersea, we live here we know the problems. The next generation are the one's who will suffer the most, not me as I am 70, but let us think about and consider the next generation. Thank you for your consideration. Mrs Angie Davis.

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