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Representation 398 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr. Roy Laverick

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Dedham and Dedham Heath, SS6: Dedham Heath Housing Sites
Representation: 1. That the need to allow development in Dedham should be questioned on the basis that an immense amount of development has taken place in north Colchester in recent years.
2. That the preferred sites all lie in close proximity to a dangerous road junction.
3. That the AONB should remain sacrosanct.

Original submission

Thank you for the chance to comment on the Dedham Housing Sites proposals.

If it is necessary to develop within the boundary of the Parish of Dedham (and this assumption could be challenged on the basis of the inordinate amount of building that has already occurred in recent years on the north side of Colchester), then I believe it is paramount that the AONB should be treated as sacrosanct.

I was aghast to see that two of the three preferred sites (091 and 243) are not only within the AONB boundary, but are also close to a road junction that has been the scene of several serious road traffic accidents. Why these should be adopted in preference to site 250 in Ardleigh Road and 191 in Coggeshall Road (neither of which suffers from the above problems) seems extraordinary.

Hands off the AONB please!

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