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Representation 397 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Graeme Bowles

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: Objection: Peldon Road "New Allocation".
* Peldon Road rural character not wide for pavements.
* Needs two visibility-splays and removal of hedging and realignment.
* Parish Council mentions "small car park" east side for Langenhoe School. Another entrance/exit and street lighting. It would attract non-school use and litter.
* This would all have a negative impact on the character of the landscape and on setting of the nearby listed building.
* Village currently not sustainable settlement. More houses mean more traffic.
Junction of Peldon Road to Layer Road is dangerous with inadequate visibility and no footpath to the west.

Original submission

My objection concerns the proposed "New Allocation" in Peldon Road. That length of Peldon Road is currently rural in character, being a high-hedged and bending lane. The proposal is for 25 new homes to be built on the two parcels of land: one to the west side (larger area), the other to the east side of the lane. In order to give safe access for vehicles and pedestrians to the two parcels of land, both would need to be provided with visibility splays onto the highway. Pedestrian access to and from the village would also need to be provided. The current lane is insufficiently wide for pavements. Provision of visibility splays and pavements would call for removal of extensive lengths of hedging on both sides of Peldon Road, together with some realignment to the lane. This would all have a negative impact on the character of the landscape and specifically on the setting of the nearby listed building.
Whilst it is not stated in the Emerging Local Plan, there is also mention made at Parish Council level of a proposal to site a "small car park" in the parcel of land to the east of Peldon Road, the reason being apparently to provide a drop off/pickup point for Langenhoe School. In order to be useable, such a car park would require an entrance and an exit, possibly needing two visibility splays on that side. Presumably there would also be a need of street lighting in the car park for winter pickups. A car park would also attract non-school use and litter. All of this would contribute to the negative impact on the landscape and on nearby listed building. The more sensible answer to the school traffic problem is simply to encourage parents to use the existing Village Hall car park: there is already a paved walkway to and from the school and a school crossing patrol at appropriate times.
The proposed "New Allocation" is inside what is termed the Sustainable Settlement Boundary of the village. This represents an extension south from what is currently the village envelope. The allocation is outside the current 30MPH speed zone. The definition of sustainable in the context of the current settlement is not understood. Currently the only amenities within the settlement are the school (which is oversubscribed), the cricket club, the village hall , the post office and a bus service. There is no doctor, no shop and no pub. There is no safe cycle path towards the nearby facilities in Colchester or Mersea. This all means that all the residents rely on motor cars for access to all retail services which are located elsewhere. Abberton and Langenhoe is currently not a sustainable settlement in any reasonable definition of the term. More houses will inevitable mean more traffic. Already, the junction from Peldon Road to Layer Road is dangerous with inadequate visibility and no footpath to the west. Further development is not sustainable.

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