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Representation 37 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Kevin Ward

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Dedham and Dedham Heath, SS6: Dedham Heath Housing Sites
Representation: Of the three proposed sites, two lie within the AONB
The site north of Long Rd East is both outside the village envelope and in the AONB. It has been refused planning permission in the past and on Appeal it was upheld that the site was clearly unsuitable for future housing development.

Original submission

Of the three proposed sites, two lie within the AONB. These are designated by the Government for the purpose of ensuring the special qualities of the landscape are conserved and enhanced. The Planning Authority has a statutory duty to ensure changes are not detrimental to the landscape and it's tranquility. CBC's own planning policy relating to the AONB is to resist non-essential development in order to protect it's undeveloped character by reconciling housing provision with the need to safeguard the areas character.
The site north of Long Rd East, lying to the rear of my property, Old Church, House, is also outside the village envelope. This field, presently used for grazing horses, forms a rural break between the Heath and the Bargate Lane houses. How can I filling this natural landscape with a row of ribbon development housing help preserve this unique area?
This site has previously been refuse planning permission and upheld on appeal by the Secretary of State. The reasons for this refusal remain relevant today:
a) Concerns for the effect of the development on the appearance of Long Rd East and the surrounding area.
b) The site lies outside the limits of Dedham Heath village envelope and is within both the Dedham Vale Countryside Conversation Area and thr AONB.
c) From the road, the area has a rural, undeveloped appearance and does not justify a form of ribbon development which would clearly harm the currently open and rural appearance of the site.

The Secretary of State clearly considered this site unsuitable for future housing. Are there not sites outside the AONB that are more suitable for housing development ?

On a technical note the sewage system in this area is at capacity and unsuitable for additional loading. Additionally in times of heavy rain this site is flooded where it meets my property as the ditch system is full to capacity.

Surely the Deham Heath Area should not be the location for affordable housing for young families....too far to the school, no footpaths, no lighting, no facilities.

I trust the Council will see sense and reconsider these preferred sites for the future development of Dedham Heath.

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