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Representation 346 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr David Conway

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island
Representation: Strain on infrastructure e.g policing, doctors surgery, traffic and emergencies due to a significsnt jump in population.

Original submission

In principle I am not against the need for further development, however the decision must be strategically made and therefore unless full impact analysis has been done and issues address to satisfaction then I will not support the proposal. I would like specific evidence as to the impact on Health, Schools, Traffic and Policing analysis. I want to know that the local surgery will have additional doctors compensurate with the demands of the increased population this development will introduce. I want to know the impact of additional traffic not only on the 'on-island' infrastructure, but also the exit to/from the Strood to the mainland at high tides and in emergencies e.g the power station at Bradwell, I would want to see a permanent police presence placed back on the island due to the increased population. If you take a narrow 'build more housing approach' without due regard to the infrastrucutre and firm plans to address the obvious issues which would occur, then you will not have my support as a permanent resident of West Mersea.

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