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Representation 327 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Andrew Beevers

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island
Representation: This development is far greater than the infrastructure of the island can cope with

Original submission

Mersea Island cannot cope with the addition of 350 houses. The Doctors surgery can hardly cope now. The addition of these properties would mean an additional 750 cars also on the island already under pressure from the volume of traffic we currently have.t
The population would increase by 10% as a result of this development. If a new power station were to be built in Bradwell any evacuation of the island could only be made more difficult by the addition of these properties . The caravan sites are already being exploited by people conspiring to live on them all year round. Some owners are subletting their vans to people who are living on these sites permanently.

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