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Representation 3242 on Preferred Options Local Plan by R F West Ltd represented by Andrew Martin Planning (Mr Andrew Martin)

Support / Object: SUPPORT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC4: West Colchester
Representation: Support draft allocation of an urban externsion to the south of Berechurch hall Road for up to 150 dwellings on the basis that this is a sustainable location and
that the site is deliverable.

Original submission

Support the proposed spatial strategy for North Essex (Policy SP6) and Colchester
(Policy SG1), support the overall quantum of new housing (i.e. 14,720 dwellings) (Policy SG2); support the draft allocation of an urban extension to the south of Berechurch Hall Road for up to 150 dwellings (Policy WC4), support the flexible approach towards housing density, which is able to address local
circumstances (Policy DM9); but object to three specific aspects of the site's sustainability scoring, in respect of accessibility, access to employment and visual impact (Sustainability Appraisal Part 2, pages 384-385). See attachments for full representation.

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