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Representation 3206 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Langham Residents Petiton represented by Langham Residents Petiton (a shannon)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: School Road is a very busy road with HGV Vehicles, delivery lorries school runs. an increase of possibly over 300 cars entering and exiting the two estates which makes the small road very hazardous.
Primary School is full
A further two estates would change the meaning of the word Village for Langham residents.

Original submission

Langham residents object to the development of the sites for the following reasons:
1. School road is already a very busy road with 2. HGV Vehicles delivery lorries school drop off and pick up and an increase of possibly over 300 cars
2. Two estates would change the entire meaning of the word village for Langham Residents
3. Langham has a primary school which is almost at full capacity, a community run shop and a public house, we do not have the facilities for such large developments which will be built in a relatively short period

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