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Representation 3203 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Trevor Plumb

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: all the extra vehicles would result in increased air pollution, local services would not be able to cope. if the filed is included that would only be the start. Rowhedge has taken is fair share of housing

Original submission

we the undersigned would like to register our protest at the inclusion of Battleswick Farm :
1. We feel if this field is included this would only be the start, after that, the developer would come back for the other fields.
2. We were given to understand when we attended the last meeting in Rowhedge with the planning committee that this land between Rowhedge and Old Heath was sacrosanct and not be developed. why is this now not the case?
3. The Village of Rowhedge has 256 new homes approved on the Wharf area and increase of another 60 houses on the Battleswick site, would surely be more than this village can sustain. The increased traffic would create hazards both in the village and on the approach roads
4. All the extra vehicles would result in increased air pollutions noise pollution and probably add to the pot holes we already have.
5. Flooding on the new development is already a problem and also there are problems with flooding on the proposed Hill View site.
6. What schools would be available to all the children in these new developments. As we understand it, all the local primary schools are near to capacity and this would mean parents having to take their children to schools by car, causing more traffic problems.
7. The GP surgery cannot expand to take more patients
8. We feel that with 256 houses/flats on the wharf site in addition to the 122 on the Redrow site and 17 on the High Street. Rowhedge has taken more than its fair share of allocated housing in the Colchester Borough.
9. Rowhedge is a small village but if these plans are passed Rowhedge will become a small town

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