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Representation 3155 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Hilary Gay

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Objects to more housing on Mersea. Evacuation problems if new nuclear power station built. Population doubles in summer with attendant congestion. Extra demand on infrastructure too much. Population already higher than Borough estimates indicate. More housing will spoil ambiance that brings in tourists. Traffic makes holidaying for families with children more hazardous.

Original submission

I would like to register some objections to the proposal to build even more houses on Mersea Island. My reasons are as follows

1 With the plans to build a new nuclear power station close by, should the need arise, the difficulties of evacuating of minimum 8,000 people via one road will be very slow and that is when the tide is not covering the road.

2 In the summer the population can more than double with all the attendant congestion this already brings.

3 The extra demands on the infrastructure will be too much. Already the local GP surgery has had to ask people who live off the island to leave the list because they are at full capacity The local primary school is bursting at the seams. More children will have to be bussed to secondary schools.

4 Indications from HMRC records show the effect that the number of dwellings in West Mersea already exceeds the number that the Borough claims will be established here should the proposed housing development go ahead.

5 Mersea has become increasingly popular because of its charm and rural appeal and now has a thriving tourist industry. Increasing the number of dwellings will inevitably spoil the ambiance and charm that so many come here to experience.

6 The business of the roads not built to accommodate so much traffic makes holidaying for families with children so much more hazardous. Holiday makers are trying to 'escape to the country'.

There are many more objections listed elsewhere but these are closest to my heart.

Thank you for reading this.

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