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Representation 3153 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Vivienne Ohmke

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Understands need for housing, but need better choice for local residents. Doctor surgery and school already full. Getting on and off island a nightmare during summer months. Maybe a few bungalows, but don't repeat mistake of Wellhouse houses that were shoe horned in with no parking.

Original submission

I am a local resident of almost 40 years, so I think that I could have an insight of
local matters, as I always try to keep up with developments and I support and help
many Social events on the island.
I do understand that there is a need for housing, for various reasons.
I urge you to think about, what would be the best choice of housing for the local residents.
We are already struggling with our Doctors Surgery, that also serves a few local villages off
the Island, in the summer months ,we have about 6 caravan sights, that also will use the Surgery.
The Primary school also serves some children from the local villages, so I am not sure how the
School would cope with the extra children after already having to expand. Getting the children to
School,if you are not close enough to walk, also clogs up the local roads.
Getting on and off the Island or going to the harbour, is a nightmare during the summer months, and
that is due to the extra traffic, let alone the Tides. You only have to speak to the bus drivers who are
constantly stuck on corners around our Island, either from drivers of deliveries or parked cars. this will
not stop during the winter months,as the Island has become such a popular destination due to the
national newspapers,that more and more people are visiting here.
So ,i know that you are still just in the planning stage, but please could you think of the type of houses,
maybe a few bungalows, but certainly do not make the same mistake as the Wellhouse houses,that were
shoe horned in with, the smallest area for just One car, which has resulted with their visitors parking in some
of the Avenues and local roads.We certainly do not want to have yellow lines or even worse permits, that
has been a disaster in other boroughs.
Whatever you decide to do for the future of our lovely Island,i wish you luck and pray that you make some
good decisions.

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