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Representation 3135 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs J M Kirkby

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: 350 houses is too high for Mersea.
Need properties for elderly people first time buyers and younger members from Mersea families.
The road system is poor and roads struggle with existing traffic levels
There is only one road on & off the island which gets covered at high tide. What happens in an emergency?

Health, education and sewage infrastructure is already struggling to cope properly.

Oyster fishermen are concerned about possible lowering of water quality as well as concerns about Bradwell.

Original submission

I appreciate that the CBC area is expected to fulfil some of the government's obligations to create more homes, but Mersea Island is not the place for such high numbers. What the island needs and could manage to integrate are a few purpose-built properties for elderly residents, so that they could downsize if they wish, thus releasing properties for families. There is also a need for a few cheaply-priced properties for first-time buyers, so that the younger members of Mersea families could afford to stay on the island.
Modern developments tend to create luxurious properties for large families and their prices are too high for both the above groups of local people.

There are many objections to plans to build two large groups of houses off the East Road area - or indeed anywhere else on the island. You will by now have heard most of these,no doubt, but it is worth repeating the main points which are concerning local residents. The people of Mersea Island have to pay rates to Colchester Council. It is time the council listened to us. Our concerns, in brief, include:

1.transport - very poor road system and limited public transport, necessitating the use of cars for most trips. 350 houses could well mean regular commuting for up to a thousand people, using narrow and badly-maintained roads which struggle to cope with the amount of traffic now using them

2. safety - there is only one road off the island,often covered by the tide for long periods. What happens if there is an emergency, needing evacuat ion? Our fire station is manned by volunteers and there is now no police station on the island. We rarely see even a single policeman

3. health - the doctors' surgery struggles on manfully with all-too­ limited accommodation and a very small staff. The average age of residents is comparatively high,which necessitates regular use of the surgery. Introducing more families, with young children also needing medical attention,would add considerably to this problem

4. education - the primary school does a good job, but again has very limited accommodation. Already overcrowded, the school would need to be extended,with new classrooms built on the playing fields

5. overloading of drainage and other services - drainage on local roads is already poor and the sewer system is trying to cope with many more residents than it was planned for originally

6. fishing industry - oyster fishermen are most concerned about possible lowering of water quality, alongside their on going worries about the effect of Bradwell Power Station

Trusting you will give these points full and serious consideration

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