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Representation 3129 on Preferred Options Local Plan by North Colchester Community Development CIC (Mrs J E Dickinson)

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester
Representation: North Colchester Travel Strategy required to be developed jointly by ECC, CBC, Myland's professional adviser, Community Council and major landowners. Development and major facility owners should contribute to a local Highways Improvement budget through rates and Section106/CIL commitments. New southbound carriageway under railway line. Mile End housing should be built to specified local site and design requirements, including proposed numbers for older people's accommodation. Specific Mile End approach suggested for employment allocations and parking; education; social amenities and leisure; and social care for older people.

Original submission

Section 1 List of proposed new or amended Local Plan Policies
Section 2 List of new projects and existing Local Plan Projects
: Author Cllr J E Dickinson Myland Community Council, in her personal capacity, on this LOCAL PLAN Policy & Projects Submission.
Due to current NHP pressures, MCC Community Council have not been able to endorse this previously prepared document in time for the Local Plan Submission deadline.
It is intended that separate support and endorsement will be issued by MCC and Braiswick, to CBC, in a few days time

Statement of Overarching Policy through an adopted Neighbourhood Plan Approach
(ref objective 1)
We will, over the next 16 years, undertake all possible initiatives to fund, recover and extend Community Amenities and Social Cohesion, between all residents in our existing and new sub neighbourhoods, using various Planning Procedures, and possibly a Community Enterprise delivery structure
The procedures could comprise;
1. Influencing the emerging Colchester Borough Council's 2016-2032 Local Plan
2. Applying the NPPF legislation relating to the Neighbourhood Plan/ Development Orders/ Right to Build and Right to Bid processes;
3. Undertaking both capital and service providing projects ,both large and small, to make a real difference within Mile End
4. Lobbying Building Control and DCLG on restrictive planning and construction regulations
5. green environment management and any other amenities already identified through public consultation
6. Raising funding from CIL, Sec106, public and private community sources, Developers and our own commercial endeavours, to secure serviced land, and procure, design, build and operate vital social amenities for residents such as; community centres, elderly day care facilities crèches

Need for a Truly Sustainable Community (ref objective 2)
WE can best alleviate anticipated future travel problems by ensuring, through the emerging CBC Local Plan to 2032, the maximum number of possible places for permanent employment, education and recreation are established and maintained within our ward boundaries.
WE will submit overarching Local Plan Polices, Neighbourhood Plan Policies and Site Allocations for adoption which will place an active obligation on both our organisations to identify and procure all resources, to maximise, at every opportunity, the number of possible places for permanent employment, education and recreation, and thus meet the various needs of the majority of our residents.

Policies RT 1 & RT 2, A New adopted Transport Strategy is needed with effective Travel Plan forum
WE will take formal steps to motivate partners to procure a new, effective and CBC adopted North Colchester Travel Strategy to 2032.This will have to be developed jointly by Essex County Highways, Colchester Borough Council, Myland's Professional adviser, Community Council, and major landowners .
A new North Colchester Travel Strategy, should be designed and implemented on a committed funding basis, be actively monitored, and if necessary modified through the North Colchester Travel Plan Forum, which includes all local major organisations
Policy RT 3, Funding Ongoing Traffic Management
All Developers and major facility owners in Mile End should regularly contribute to a local Highways Improvements budget through Rates and the Sec 106/ CIL/ commitments.
ECC, Developers and major facility owners should also be held financially accountable to the Community, through the independent North Colchester Travel Plan Forum, if they do not meet their annual agreed or designed modal shift targets

Policy RT 4 Policy for the station area for inclusion in the emerging Local Plan is;

RT 5A WE believe there is no long term solution to the station traffic issue without the creation of a new southbound carriageway under the rail way line. MCC will apply for a site allocation in the Local Plan to protect the possibility of such action in the future.
RT 5B Prior to such construction in 5 A above, WE seek the minimum amount of traffic to pass under the station bridge, and a partial solution should be the establishment of bus passenger transfer stops, so that only full buses cross the road under the bridge

Builders/Developers of new housing in Mile End are encouraged and required to;
H1.1 Respect the scale of the existing urban environment, (the exception being possible high rise flats in the Western Boulevard area of the Northern Gateway).
H1.2 Be designed in accordance with the most recent version of the Building for Life 2012 Design Guide
H1.3 Submit house and urban environment proposals which promote a variety of design and living / working styles, with enhanced community identity e
H1.4 Build between 5-10% of new units as 2 bedroom homes capable of appropriate later extension and facilities for occupants requiring up to 4 bedrooms.

LOCAL PLAN POLICY HOUSING H2 Older People's Accommodation in Mile End
H2 .1 Major Developers should be requested to provide the following numbers of housing units for aging people (60-100 yrs), in distinct, social clusters of approximately 20 units, near to general amenities, day care centres, and public transport, across all major developments.
Suggested Numbers
house/ bungalows Flats Care Home
Severalls Ph 2 50 50
Chesterwell North 75 50
Chesterwell South 90
Northern Gateway 40
Braiswick 20 20

H2.2 Whilst no guidance on tenure for older people's housing is proposed , we wish to see a condition on all deeds and leases for the above properties that they may only be sold or re-let on the basis that they shall be exclusively reserved for local residents of >10 yrs in Mile End

H3 WE will adopt a planning presumption against all new housing 'infill' development, across Myland. Planning Approval will only be given in exceptional circumstances
(Reason So many of the street scenes, large gardens, private footpaths and breathing spaces on our estates have been lost over the last decade, as a result of insensitive infill, and there are so few, poor opportunities left across the ward it is clearer to propose a blanket policy)

LOCAL PLAN POLICY H 54 URBAN DESIGN & STREET SCENE ( see also Public Realm section
H6 We wish to collaborate with all Builders and Developers in Mile End in applying the principles of our modified BREEAM Communities 2012, social assessment model for URBAN Design, with the aim of to achieving a standard of EXCELLENT/VERY GOOD on the three major development s(ref PR 1),and VERY GOOD Elsewhere
PR 1 The LPA is requested to adopt the BREEAM COMMUNITIES 2012 (modified) Assessment and Proposals(2015) prepared for the Mile End Neighbourhood Plan area, as a tool to determine, with Community representatives, all future planning applications. The target standards are of EXCELLENT for major applications and VERY GOOD/ GOOD over the full area .
It is requested this Policy should be implemented as a material consideration on new relevant planning negotiations
.LOCAL PLAN BUSINESS POLICIES , Existing Policy Amendments

Ref B1 Land already allocated for employment in North Colchester should not be changed to any other Planning use, unless there is a permanent increase in FTE employment number of 15% on the 2016 base numbers.
Ref B2 All B class premises in Mile End Ward should be granted change of use to any other form of B Class use provided that FTE employment genuinely rises by at least 15%, (based on either the number of FTE employees in September 2016 or at the time of the application, whichever is the greater)
Ref B3 The amount of existing B class floor space in Mile End should be increased, once the Park & Ride is established, by reducing parking requirements, ( to create space for adjacent new buildings), or by installation of mezzanine floors,

LOCAL PLAN BUSINESS New Class A &B Employment Site Allocations / Changes
Ref B4 We request that new class A employment sites are created at;
I. South of Axial Way, preferably for highly staffed an inward investment company ) e.g medical technology company cluster
II. Temporary (120yrs) granting of planning permission to B class use in one of the existing ward blocks at on the Severalls Hospital site , as a construction site training centre

ED 1 In line with overarching Policy no 1, We intend will strive to ensure all Under 5, primary and secondary children will be able to receive their early years care, education and supervised out of hours play within the ward boundaries
ED 2 We intend under Community Right to Bu y, and Right to Build, secure 3 nr, 1.5acre serviced plots of land from the Borough Council, Developers of Chesterwell and Severalls, to ensure provision of adequate full and part time crèche facilities services

SOC 1 The modified BREAM Communities 2012 Assessment template for Mile End contains an objective analysis of all the social amenities which should rightly serve a population of 25000-30 000 people, and which indicates new locations on the three major developments where these could be located for optimum efficiency

LOCAL PLAN MILE END POLICIES for Social Care for Older People
SOC 1 In line with overarching Policy no 1, We will strive to ensure most over 65s will be encouraged to contribute and/or participate in the wider community, receive care, attend social/medical day facilities and enjoy entertainment within the ward boundaries
SOC 2 We intend under Community Right to Buy ,and Right to Build, secure 3 nr, 1.5acre serviced plots of land from the Borough Council, Developers of Chesterwell and Severalls, to ensure provision of adequate elderly care and social services
End of Summary of all Local Amendments to proposed 2016 Local Plan Policies
______ __________________________________________________________

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