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Representation 3113 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Joanne Hayter

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Objects to large number of houses on School Road. Village school already at full capacity. Road floods badly after rainfall and surface suffers from large number of oversized vehicles using industrial site. Rural character in danger of being destroyed. Understands need for more housing and agrees that groups of perhaps 10 houses here and there, including affordable housing are appropriate.

Original submission

I would like to express my views regarding the proposal to build a large number of houses on School Road, Langham.

In my opinion School Road is not suitable to sustain any new building let alone the large number of houses proposed. The village school is located midway along this road and it is already at full capacity. A large number of parents have to park in the road at school drop off and collection times and there is very little room for through traffic. The road floods badly after rainfall and the surface is already suffering from the large number of oversized vehicles that constantly move in and out of the industrial site.

Langham is a village and not a small town. It's rural character is in danger of being destroyed by large scale, grossly disproportionate development. I understand the need for more housing in rural areas and I agree that groups of perhaps 10 houses here and there throughout the village, including affordable housing, are appropriate. However large scale development is a different matter and when it is being considered along an already overloaded and poorly maintained road then objections must be made.

I hope you will listen to the views of the residents of Langham.

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