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Representation 308 on Preferred Options Local Plan by miss vivian smith

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: Objection to development of existing high grade farmland to residential homes. Under what legislation?
Location impractical due to traffic volume on rural road
Undesirable and objectionable to character of existing community.
Rowhedge Village has a distinct character which is already under threat from Rowhedge Wharf development.
Needs Impact Assessment of existing expansion, before any further developments.
Battleswick Farm has potential to offer enhanced tourism, recreation, leisure opportunities
Battleswick Farm land has potential to offer further employment opportunities within tourism / well-being / creative / film & television industries.
Need to enhance Rowhedge as a place of interest.

Original submission

I object to the proposal to add 60 new homes on the plot of land south of Battlewick Farm off Rowhedge Road.

1. Unsure how this land was granted change of use from farming to residential? i.e. loss of high grade farmland that could deliver future crops, biomass, fibre or pharmaceuticals.
2. The location is impractical, is not sensible or realistic. re. Potential implication for traffic volume to impact significantly on rural roads.
3. Undesirable and reflects it would by harmful and objectionable. To character of existing community.

Rowhedge is a village with a positive local character, which needs to be preserved to enhance the quality village life for the existing community. The new Rowhedge Wharf Development (175 units in 1st phase) doubling the size of the village by 2017 will significantly impact on this. This current development has potential to impact negatively on GP provision, community services, schooling, traffic congestion. The community will not be able to sustain another sizeable development.

The housing proposal for Battlewick Farm needs to be assessed more closely for the dis-benefit impact, resulting in no further action or scaled down.

Battleswick Farm is an location near to the existing nature reserve ideal for a larger scale green infrastructure to enhance employment opportunities, leisure, recreation and tourism. It's idilic setting can be enhanced to exploit our cultural heritage through creative ventures. Especially re: proposal of a new settlement East of Colchester. Thus creating well connected places prioritising the well-being of citizens in Rowhedge and East Colchester.

Rowhedge's distinctive character and potential for tourism, recreation, and employment needs to be considered more highly than is currently evident.

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